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Please know that none of what your are about to read is our doing!  All the information provided is mandated from, the state, & Governor Tom Wolf, Debra Bogan & the Allegheny County Health Department, as well as the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

Rules, regulations, and restrictions change almost daily for us so we are asking for your patience and understanding as this is just as frustrationg for us as it is for you!


No bar seating available and no congregating is permitted.


Alcohol is permitted but only with a purchase of a meal and is only permitted as long is the meal is not complete. This does include the bowlers.


Masks MUST be worn to enter and exit the building as well as any movement throughout the building, and or patio.  

For our fall league members...please know we are doing everything we can to keep everyone as safe as we can!   Masks must be worn at all time unless you are eating or drinking

We realize this is a touchy subject for most but for the sake of our livelihood we are simply asking, if you cannot abide by this then please wait until we are not under these mandates to patronize us.  


Please keep in mind as it stands right now we are mandated to close by 11pm.  

We will continue to monitor all the changes and try to keep everyone informed as much as we can. 


We would like to thank all of you for your constant support, patience, and understanding!

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