Lounge Hours 

Monday 4pm-Close

Tuesday 4pm-Close

Wednesday 4pm-Close

Thursday 4pm-Close

Friday 4pm-Close

Saturday 4pm-Close


Bowling Center Hours

Monday-Sunday 6pm-11pm League Play ONLY!

Open Bowling : Friday 12pm-5pm

                                    Saturday 10am-5pm


*Masks MUST be worn to enter the building as well as moving about


*If you are unable to wear a mask please have on hand a medical excuse from your doctor to provide to the authorities if need be.

Carryout Food and Drinks will also be available.

Closing hours will be determined by that days business, but no later than 11pm.



We will be opening our center for our league members ONLY starting September 8, but under very strict regulations! As many of you know this is our lively hood! We have been advised by our attorney to follow the strict guidelines as our license to serve the public counts on it! The last 6 months has been nothing less then devastating for us and we can not at this time afford to get citations or worse have our health license revoked! We are asking our customers/community to please help us and support us in following these guidelines to continue our business at Deer Lakes Bowl!

Masks must be worn to enter the building as well as moving about the building, alcohol is able to be purchased but only with a meal. And last but not least social distancing is a must when possible!

Unfortunately we are unable to open to the public for open bowling at this time! We appreciate your understanding in this extremely difficult time and understand the controversy in this matter however we are doing what we feel is necessary to continue business at Deer Lakes Bowl. Thank you!

Bowling Rates 

 Standard Rates 

Open Play            $3.95 / Game

Senior Rate         $2.75 / Game

Hourly Rate         $20.00 / Hour

    Includes 1 Lane


Shoe Rental         $3.00 / Pair



(724) 265-2990

284 E Union Rd, Cheswick, PA 15024, USA

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